A wee while back I got the chance to participate in this year’s Rockart exhibition as part of the Rock en Seine festival here in Paris. There’s a poster for each musical act, illustrated by one of the participating artists. I was given Chance the Rapper, so here’s my submission as a preview to tomorrow’s opening of the festival and exhibition !

Come take a look if you’re around !


Angoulême 2013

Just got back from the annual Angoulême comic festival (my second now !), where like last year, we took part in the 24 hour comic challenge ! Didn’t quite succeed to produce the full 24 pages (as a result of a scenario change at midnight…) but it was nevertheless a fun adventure.

To see the result…


You can also check out all of the videos from the event (including a feature for the TV channel France 3) if you go to :


Et voilà ! That’s all for today. Enjoy ! 🙂